Pauper Portraits | Wouter Jansen

KiK wants to organize art projects with a strong social commitment and social impact. From the AiR connections are established with various organizations and institutions that are engaged in innovative social developments. For the years 2015 -2018 KiK has allied itself with the Society of Humanitarianism and the associated developments in the former Colonies Drenthe Frederiksoord (voluntary colony) Veenhuizen (forced colony). The Society of Humanitarianism aims to preserve, develop and promote its cultural and historical heritage and legacy of Johan van den Bosch in order to offer people the opportunity for self-fulfillment in the field of culture, nature and the environment.

PAUPER PORTRAITS is the second project of KiK with The Society of Humanitarianism. The underlying idea is to give new impulses with these projects to the local economy. Drenthe is very dependent on tourism. Drenthe has a particularly strong appeal to cyclists and walkers. By creating new routes or extending existing routes with history stories and link to current social and political themes, PAUPER PORTRAITS attaches a new substantive story that visitors will feed with new insights about our past and our present crumbling welfare state.

Following the pauperhistory of the region photographer / artist Wouter Jansen developed his idea for making PAUPER PORTRAITS. This photo project in which the national history in portraits will be on display, will be shown throughout the Netherlands in the public space of 10 cities. As a prelude to this project and the demand from The Society of Humanitarianism to Stichting KiK Wouter Jansen was invited to make the history liveable and to perform a AiR Project in which two of the pauper history stories are developed. Photographer Wouter Jansen contacts descendants of paupers who are or were residing in the region. Of these people, he takes a photo portrait. He will be accompanied by an interviewer who makes an audio portrait of the photographed in which the history of this individual is questioned.

PAUPER PORTRAITS will be developed as a cycle route through the landscape of Drenthe in which stories and images the history of this region will be brought to the surface and are translated at the current time. These will be offered through various channels, but also be linked to the supply of the museum. The opening is planned for April 2018.

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