The former dairy 'De Venen', consisting of the spatial and surprising qualities a pleasant oasis in an unexpected part of the Netherlands. The power of KiK and Kolderveen lies in the solitude and authenticity. Kolderveen is a village as a village should be.

'De Venen' serves as a characteristic example of cultural heritage. The spatial and surprising qualities of the building and its surroundings are of great importance in the programming of KiK.

One thing is certain: the rustic and rural area of ​​Kolderveen always give artists inspiration.


KiK cooperates with BOEi.

BOEi is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reallocate industrial heritage. It does so from different perspectives: as an investor, developer, and consultant. Or a combination of these settings.

The ability to repurpose all types of buildings can apply. From foundry to brickworks and building barracks for shipyard. It does not matter if these buildings are now protected by the government or that the public and / or the owner of the monument the effort is worth keeping.