What is special about KiK ?
The former dairy factory in which KiK is located, provides an opportunity to the artist in residence to work and live at an extraordinary place given its industrial heritage. The studio, the guest accommodations and the comprehensive 'Kaashal' (a large hall in which cheese used to be processed) with its corresponding cellar are great exhibition spaces, all evoke a fierce industrial atmosphere. For the artists this lends a powerful support to push and intensify their work and process.

Situation and mentality
An open, adventurous mentality characterizes KiK. The same spirit is reflected in choosing candidates for the AIR program.The industrial space and its environment are require enterprising and independent artists who will value a concentrated stay in a very quiet place. The village of Kolderveen consists all in all, of a single street.

The duration of the residence, is set to eight weeks. KiK provides the work and exhibition spaces under the condition that the artist lives and works at KiK for the entirety of his or her residency period. The accommodation consists of an apartment, a studio and a huge basement with associated Cheesehall as exhibition space. This location is very often decisive for the AIR. The artist himself is responsible for funding the project and living expenses. KiK finances opening, advertising and office expenses. For the other expenses the artist must find his own funding.

National and international artists working in the disciplines of fine art, design, architecture, photography, multimedia, site specific theatre or performance art, among others, are hereby invited to apply.

The quality of the work of the artist is the main basis for the choice that KiK makes. Sometimes KiK invites an artist, based on documentation or on a studio visit. Another possibility is that an artist himself sends KiK a proposal. We are asking for proposals based on or influenced by the location and landscape / social settings around the artist in residence. The application must be accompanied by a clear plan and a current CV and documentation relevant to the plan. 

KiK and the artist(s) in residence take on an added responsibility to show the result of their work period in a presentation. This could be an exhibition or another effective form. The nature of the presentation will be decided upon together with the artistic leader. The artist must also undertake a public activity, such as giving a work shop, a reading or lecture.